Letters from Home

Who loves me, baby?

Tony and Bill... I love 'em!THEY do! This is Tony and Bill. They are my buddies at the Warrington. I love this photo. I took it with my new toy, my camera phone. Sigh… I remember the days when I said I would never, EVER had a cell phone.

Well, don’t worry. Here, I have a “mobile” phone.

Tony drinks bottles of Becks, which he pours into a half-pint glass. He’s quite handsome and always very gentlemanly. But he and Bill and the other guys get quite rowdy, when they want to.

Bill is the best of all the regulars at the pub. He is great ol’ Irish guy who goes to the same Church as me. When he comes around to take the collection, he jiggles the bag in my face whispers, “Come on! Put some in!”

Bill was thrilled because Ireland beat England in the 6 Nations rugby match. As he says “Everybody is glad when England loses.” I don’t think that is exactly accurate, but I know what he means.

Anyway, aren’t they great? Bill always says, when he sees me “You’re like an orchid in full bloom” and “Miss America!”

I love the Warrington. Posted by Picasa