Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

eternal sunshine
I was visited by an old friend in my dream.

In the dream, he was as physically real as I am right now. The scruff on his face. The sound of his voice.

Even while he and I talked, I knew it was a dream. I knew this truth: in a few minutes, he will have disappeared from my life again.

Live in the moment. Don’t take today for granted. All we have is here and now. So we are reminded.

When I meet a person, I am not interested, really, in their job or their family or where their went to school.

I look at them and wonder: who once loved you? What kind of banalities haunt your dreams?

A Un-Spotless Mind

No one tells you that the mind may be able forget, but the heart will refuse. Will you still love me tomorrow? Of this, I have no doubt. As certain am I of all the impediments that will keep that love at bay.

Have you ever wanted to talk to an old friend? To dredge up stories with an ex? To reclaim some old haunt in the search for the lost, stolen glances?I am the one who dies

In this story, I am not awake or asleep. I am not dreaming. I am a person who lives in another dream mind, imagined and unable to exist.

In this story, all the wishes pile up and are swept under the bed.

In this story, I am the bird with the broken wing, who lives perpetually waiting to realize what is so.