The Wind in the Story

What inside the podcast

In the podcast, Vanessa Aricco tells the moral story her dad told her of the wind and the sun hanging out behind the clouds. They see this human walking down with a jacket on and the wind says: I bet I can get that jacket off him before you can. And the sun says ok, let’s see.

So the wind comes out and blows and blows and whips around so hard. But no matter how hard it tries, the man holds onto his jacket tighter.

Then the sun comes out and puts the biggest smile on his face and voila. The man removes his coat.

In Confessing Animals podcast episode 12, I get to tell some of my own stories to Vanessa and Poet Jen Harris. You learn more about me, and my creative process.

What is revealed in this fable is our own feelings that even though a smile maybe gets more done, we all have felt a lot like the wind in the story now and then.

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You can listen to the 31 minute version of the podcast, in which I talk about my story and read my work.

Or dive in and watch the full 2-hour conversation, chock full of passionate wind from Jen, Vanessa, and myself — talking about fear, liberalism, family, creativity and mothering, plus alot more. (Note: Age restriction is because sometimes we say “fuck.”)

Thanks lovelies.