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10 Reviews and Counting

Click Here to Review Thirteen on Amazon!Back in October I somehow found out about the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. I don’t even remember how, or why I took the time to submit my novel. Part of me thinks it was because:

a) I never expected it to go anywhere and
b) It was easy: just upload and forget about it.

Well, apparently my submission wasn’t all that awful because I have made it through the first round of cuts, from 5,000 to 862.

To add some aura of “Deal or No Deal” suspense to the competition, Amazon has implied that the second round of cuts will partially be impacted by the quality and quantity of readers’ reviews each excerpt receives.

So I sent a plea a week or so ago to my friends around the globe to read my humble excerpt and ask that they review it. Here’s the honor roll so far, those who have been kind enough to take the time to read the first two chapters online and write a review–no holds barred.

  • Colin “Husband are the Best Critics” Phillips
  • Stephanie from NYC (another ABNA author… I returned the favor)
  • Kathy “Bound and Determined” Lantzky (See my review, which is her review… Amazon only allows reviews by those who make Amazon purchases!)
  • Marty “Responds Well To Requests!” Reger
  • Brenna “Miles Ahead of Me” Yu
  • Jenn “I’ll Follow this Leader Anywhere” Edmondson
  • Corwin “Bad-Ass Bro” Howlett
  • Don “Coolest Former Boss/Guitarist Ever” Caswell
  • Lane “Postcards from The Edg-itor” Butler
  • Tammy “Amateur-Schmamateur” Luke

I hope I can add more of you to the honor roll soon!

Oh and a special shout out to Publisher’s “Holy Manuscripts, Batman!” Weekly for reading and writing reviews of all 862 pile of slush or brilliance, wherever they land.

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