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Noodle, Revisited

mmmm... Noodle squareI’m behind on my blog reading, so I just caught up to Ms JeanGenie’s excellent post on Noodles this morning.

I had a revelation about Obama and Clinton the other day that rocked my world. It occured in an off-the-cuff manner by a newsman who was just talking about the Democratic race.  He said:

“If he doesn’t get the votes in Tennessee, it could be the end of the line for Obama.”

Che? It was like someone slapped me. At that moment, I realized I was in my Democrat happy place, thinking I’d be getting spam from the John Edwards camp forever, that there’d always be a happy selection of three candidates, that Hillary and Obama would always be fixtures on my TV set at dinner time with Edwards smiling confidently over their shoulders, and that should any of them be elected, I would most certainly cry with relief.

My Private Noodley Oblivion

Unlike 2004, when Democrats were basically in the boat the Republicans are this year (that’s the U.S.S. Holy Crap WE GOT NOTHIN), I have been enjoying the cruise. SO MUCH SO, that I, unlike Hopeful Curmudgeon have been oblivious to the turmoil within the Democratic race, and what it may be doing to and for our potential candidates.

But alas, I am American. And I suppose somewhere in that long, boring and now mostly-raped-by-Cheney-and-Bush Bill of Rights is a note about my freedom to be oblivious in the face of certain recession, political inertia, and never-ending hatred toward Americans outside our borders.

So when it comes time to vote, I’ll definitely be at the ballot box, poking holes, pulling off chads and making sure to pick the least offensive leader.

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