50 Things That Make Me Feel Normal

When things are out of whack, it's a good time to make a list of the everyday ordinary things that set you on the path to average again.

I had a few of those days when I felt a little bit out of kilter. When I was driving from yoga on Saturday, I started making this list in my head. It’s not in any order and it’s not complete.
Do a normal thing like sharpening a pencil. Very zen.
1. Ira Glass
2. Walking
3. Typing on a Typewriter
4. Hot Shower
5. Yoga
6. Driving a manual transmission with no one else in the car
7. Singing out loud.
8. Cut and gluing.
9. Weeding
10. Playing in the snow
11. Floating on water.
12. Folding laundry
13. Headphones, loud music.
14. Crayola on scratch paper.
15. Blue jeans.
16. Unsweetened, brewed iced tea. (Not sun tea).
17. JD
18. My Mom
19. Time at Rainbow Drive
20. Frances
21. Laying on the family room floor with small people pouncing on me.
22. Roadtripping, with Colin driving.
23. Carrying my golf bag down the fairway
24. Wine and books and discussion, combined.
25. Stairs
26. Writing a poem off the cuff
27. Talking on the phone with my sisters
28. Hiking boots
29. My passport
30. Barnes and Noble
31. Porch sitting
32. Public transportation
33. Recycling
34. Unplanned time
35. Being on my bike
36. Iowa
37. The Tube.
38. A full house
39. Roaring fire.
40. Water
41. Lists
42. Soup
43. Movies in the theatre
44. Watching the Oscars
45. Incandescent light bulbs
46. Going out on the weekends
47. Manual pencil sharpener
48. Shoveling.
49. Thunderstorms
50. Sex

What makes you feel “normal”? What is normal anyway?