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A Dog in the House

As the result of a good friend transferring overseas indefinitely, we are now the proud–if temporary– parents of a beautiful and wonderful dog named Kiyomi.

If you are wondering what “Kiyomi” means, well, I am sure I asked her owner once, but had long-forgotten, so I had to Google it to find out. A Japanese citrus fruit, similar to the tangerine. Hence, I reckon, the name must be a nod to this lovely dog’s red coat, which in all the wrong light, merely looks brownish.

If you are wondering HOW? we are daring a dog at this point, thus adding another life in the house (my Shasta daisy is looking raggedy), well, there are few dogs we would dare with and Kiyomi, who is part Australian shepherd, part red heeler, and mostly Xanax, is one. She is extremely well-suited for the sort of house where a 15-month-old screams “AHHHHHHHHHAAHHHHA!” with delight and grabs fistfuls of tail whenever possible. (The same kid who’s learning the “gentle” pats pay off, but so does feeding the dog from her highchair tray).

Note from the photo the happy co-existence of Queen Betty and new gap pal. Betty is never more thrilled (which she is demonstrating in this photo) than with four-legged company. The mini, two-legged kind haven’t been her cup of tea so far. Besides, I think she might be glad to have the spotlight off her for a while.

As for me, I am glad again to have an excuse to go walking.

2 thoughts on “A Dog in the House

  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Claire and Nick say hi to you and Colin. I was just going thru my address book deleting unwanted contacts and I came across your details, and since it’s been awhile since I’ve read any of your blogs, I thought I’d take a look and was surprised to see that you’ve moved back home (at least to the U S anyway). Now also I would surmise from the above blog that there is another little human member addition to your household. Congratulations, could you send me details because I’m sure that claire would be interested. Did you publish your book – probably published a couple by now I guess! Claire and I are having a holiday in the US at the end of August – touring around NY, Boston and Washington for about 3 weeks, starting in NY for 7 days, then on to Boston, washington, back to NY for 3 days then back home. We haven’t been to the east coast so we’re really looking forward to it. Nicko’s off to Sth America at the end of the year sometime – with nick you never know exactly what he’s doing! Give our best wishes to colin
    kind regards

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