A Brutal, Careless Thief

There are planned activities and there is structure and routine.

There are things to entertain and items to educate.

There are chores for me and for him and for us.

And there is the emptiness of an afternoon, the dreaded sameness of a day, like today and any other day.

There are the people who are proud, and the people who are curious. There are the people who are helping and those who are hiding.

The jealous and the amazed, claiming empathetic exhaustion, merely through imagination.

There are all those people who are slowly forgetting me. Who are anxious to let me go, like a snack tucked into a cubbie. They run to their playground and I am left behind.

O the dragons are gonna fly tonight
They’re circling low and inside tonight
It’s another round in the losing fight
Out along the great divide tonight.

Emmy Lou Harris, “The Pearl

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