A Poem to Those Who Love Me

Make the day pause,
A top all done now the spinning:
But not yet toppled.

If (for just one day)
I am the morning sun,
You are the luscious hills
I peek over;
The refracting air dew
–In winter, air’s mirror–
And that single ecstatic
Songbird rambling
Her grocery list.

And if,
At noontime,
I’m busy shrinking
Dingy winter piles
(Just this once),
You’re the relieved oak branches
Or epic icicles smirking at my
So-called heat.
You are
The tires and the grit
Scratching roadside harmony
To keep me company.

Then, when I see it’s time
(One day only)
To stretch the shadows long,
Then you become the
Winged beauty of your dreams:
Hummingbird, pheasant, or pterosaur

And we’ll light out
Horizon advancing on
Our command,
Into our dreams and
Any ordinary day.

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