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A Post to the Futura

he evens types on the box!

Look what arrived in the mail recently! Purchased from Mr. Typewriter in Florissant, MO., I got six brand new ribbons for my Royal Futura 800.

Royal Futura 800 Ribbons

You pop the top open here…

How to Open a Royal Futura 800

… pressing the Red Royal button (Thanks Portable Typewriter Forum!)

How to Open a Royal Futura 800

Of course, I spent about 20 minutes trying and failing to figure out how to get the ribbon threaded correctly (and smearing ink all over the keys!). I had to call in the Colin Calvary.

Colin Helps me with the Typewriter

He got it going right away!

Colin fixes the Typewriter

Hence, Colin got the honors of typing the first official sentence!

Colin's First Sentence

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