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Dr. Who and the Roller Coaster

Dr. Who in ActionIn my dream last night I was following Dr. Who (David Tennant) and some friends to an alternate universe.

Since it was a dream, it was alot like a Dr. Who episode, with strange creatures and great gaping caverns. We transported through reams of paper and The Doctor was his effervescent self.

My favorite part of the dream was our visit to an amusement park, where my sister Ann and I climbed straight away onto the roller coaster. I am not much of a roller coaster lover in real life, or at least in this universe. But in my parallel dream universe, on the other side of the ream of paper, I hopped right into the car, fearless, tossed aside my can of Coke, and went for a ride.

I remember my dreams all the time. During the last three years, when I was unsettled and my hormones were amok, I didn’t sleep well. As a result, my dreams were always just on the other side of the surface, ready to greet me the instant I stumbled off into sleep.

This was my first dream of The Doctor, but I am wondering if he was always there, calling to me, sending me messages, and I just needed to get on the roller coaster to reach him.

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