A Small Stone Late

I agreed with myself that I would write a small stone for Fiona and Kaspa on their wedding day, which was June 18.

What with the whirlwhind of (fill in list of excuses here), the entire weekend disappeared somewhere.

I didn’t realize that I’d even forgotten until today, driving, I heard Mary Chapin Carpenter singing “Late For Your Life:

No one knows where they belong
The search just goes on and on and on
For every day that ends up wrong
Another one’s right
Call it chance or call it fate
Either one is cause to celebrate
Still the question begs why would you wait
And be late for your life

So here I stop to fulfill my promise.

Dear Fiona and Kaspa:

Peace and love on your wedding and the days that follow.

My to-do list keeps running through my mind as I look around on June 22nd for a small stone for two beautiful newlyweds.

So in honor of your fourth day of marriage, I skip this thought to you.

bullet points remind me

Of the thousand bits of

nothing to do today–

run my finger down this used envelope

and imagine your skin

waiting for me in evening’s dusk.