Perennial Work

Our house had so many little projects after we moved in. Not the least of those was the gardens. The previous owner had some kind of psychotic idea of planting… Which is to say, she is exactly like me.

So I really love to putter in the flower beds and took on the notion that planting perennials would solve all my problems.

You know… you only have to plant them once and water them a bit and Voila! Ignore the garden for forever.


Why the hell is life so damn hard??

You know we had all this cool and wet weather in April and May? Well that’s good, and makes things grow right?

The problem, however, was that LAST year we had all this SUPER HOT weather in our west-facing flower bed.

Combine that with the sun reflecting off of our white aluminum siding and you could basically convert our bed to a pizza oven.

The spring before that, I had dug up and split a few hostas… just to fill in some empty spaces in our bed.  They grew nicely last spring, but nearly bit the dust when the nuclear heat kicked in.

Well, now you can guess what has happened. Prehistoric isn’t the word for these plants. happy with the cool wet spring, they are crowding out EVERYTHING.


I dug one hosta up and divided it again… into FIVE medium plants. Planted them in some areas where it would genuinely be fine if they exploded.

Meanwhile, it rains on.

Oh, and please, don’t even get me started on the damn yuccas the previous owner planted. (was she planning on COOKING THE ROOT??!?)


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