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All These Distractions

I recently joined a Facebook group that is a group and a game where points are awarded for posts, pics, links and comments, based on their wittiness and hilarity. The group’s moderator however, really prefers somewhat crude jokes, so I have to dip deep down in the barrel of my wit repertoire to get points.One evening, when Colin was traveling on business, and the kids were sleeping, I got quite distracted by the back and forth of the game and didn’t get to bed till pretty late. Result: top score, who cares? and I was exhausted the next day.


Pumpkin on vineMeanwhile, I am reading “Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn and considering the state of my zen life. I’ve recently rejoined my somewhat dusty yoga practice and have been trying to spread the yoga practice of mindfulness to our family life. Tough to do when we are all constantly running from one activity to the next, constantly chewing on the latest candy necklace and fiddling with a new toy.

The burden of modern life is the mask of consumption we wear. We think we look very nice and fashionable in it, but it only acts to blind us from the ways we are warping real life, real world, time and our own natural selves.

Daughters obsess about princess dresses. Sons obsess about monster trucks. Husbands obsess about electronics upgrades. Wives obsess about body upgrades.

We cannot see ourselves, naked and perfect. We use air conditioners and noise machines to drown out the songbirds.

Our cars’ desires and need to go-go-go (nowhere and anywhere) suffocate the sea life.

Vegetables growing on a vine is a surprise.

How far we have come from the way the world really is.

Roving Band of Idiots, indeed.

5 thoughts on “All These Distractions

  1. Elizabeth,
    You are amazing. I sure wish you lived in KC. I think you’d be a fine friend. Instead I will enjoy your seriousness and your humor from here and be glad for the opportunity provided me by a bunch of idiots. xo


  2. You know, if you are really interested, there is a workshop for Mindfullness Training – I believe it’s 6 weeks or maybe 8 weeks long, and it’s on Tuesdays after 730. I’ll send you a link. Maybe I’ll go too.

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