American Things I Love: Stacy and Bryan

Or, The Continuing Saga of the Toast Rack

In a new series I am offering, English Things I Miss, I recently I opined about the great mystery of the toast rack. A mainstay of the British Bed and Breakfast, I found this piece of kitchenware a great and strange object. It is one of the first things I want to chat with Gordon Ramsay about, at my Great Dinner Party, to which I believe he may be invited.

But that is another story. THIS story is about Bryan and Stacy, my humble and wonderful friends in KC, who also lived in England for a year. Before Colin and I moved to London, Bryan and Stacy were very useful. Bryan regaled me with many stories on the hilarious missteps of our common language (ask him about fanny packs!) and Stacy warned me of the dire consequences of not flagging a bus down when you wanted one. They both made sure I knew not TALK SO LOUD, especially on the Tube, where virtually no one talks at all, except the  driver, to tell you of delays because of someone flinging themselves on the track at Euston.

Well, it’s the season of delight and wonder, and to keep with that theme, I found a package on my doorstep a day or so ago, with return address “Stacy Kearney.” Inside, wrapped carefully so as not to get damaged in the delivery, was a delightful addition to my kitchenware collection: My own personal TOAST rack (see photo above)!

I am sure I have done Bryan and Stacy a favor by taking this ridiculous souvenir artifact (and problem of storage– you can stack these things!) off their hands, but I am sure they did ME the bigger favor by bequeathing me this tool of British toast love.

Look at it! Not only will it hold my morning toast and cool it to crunchy-cold perfection, but it will constantly remind me (if turned correctly) what I am eating!

I can’t even tell you how long and hard Colin and I laughed over receiving this. Stacy’s Christmas card note reassured us it wasn’t an heirloom either — they’d gotten at the “Everything’s a Pound” store. Its worth lies in sentimental value then, as I doubt it is dishwasher-safe.

In return, Bryan and Stacy (and everyone else who can’t get enough of toast racks), I have this little delightful wonder for you! Enjoy while I go make myself some more toast!

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