Artists I Love on Instagram

There’s a lot to be said about social media scrolling– both good and bad. Since I am perennially awake in the middle of the night, scrolling happens.

Thank god for artists and Instagram. I follow those artists I know, those I like, and those whose work makes me happy. For me, Instagram gives me a window into their process — which always amazes me.

Takke a look at some of the artists of instagram that I love. If you have others you love and follow, please post them in the comments.

@WriteDrawDaily (Sandy Lynn)

Sandy and I met as co-members of the Writing Workshop Kansas City. It’s a thrill to meet a writer who can draw as well as she writes. I love Sandy’s dedication to daily drawing.

@BisaBulter (Bisa Butler)

Bisa Butler is a Chicago-based fiber artist who creates absolutely stunning quilted portraits reflecting black life. Her work is arresting and colorful.

@RobSketcherman (Rob Sketcherman)

Colin, the kids, and I met Rob and his partner when he was on a drawing holiday in LA and we were on a family holiday. He asked if he could draw us. I love Rob’s use of technology to capture daily life — he has returned to his native Hong Kong where they have spent the pandemic.

@SusanErnst1 (Susan Ernst)

Susan and I met when we both lived in Connecticut and were members of the former Stratford Arts Guild. Now living in Tennessee, nature and contemplation to be at the heart of her beautiful mixed media printmaking and painting. Susan is a beautiful soul, wonderful gardener, and a most excellent friend.

@KimberlyMeuse (Kimberly Meuse)

Still life paintings of flowers and fruits don’t usually do much for me. But the work of Kim Meuse is simply beyond comprehension. Take a close look– THIS IS WATERCOLOR. I repeat — THIS IS WATERCOLOR. Be sure to click through to see some of her even more detailed flower portraits. I do not know how she does it. Breathtaking.

@MariaTheebs (Maria Theebs)

Maria and I also met in Connecticut, but have remained in contact through the virtue of the amazing custom cards she creates. A watercolor and mixed media artist, Maria will paint custom greeting cards for you. Her work is gorgeous and quite simply — hard to part with.

@Gypsy999 (Tammy Garcia – Daisy Yellow Art)

I got connected with Tammy Garcia through the ICAD Challenge (Index Card A Day) art challenge she founded. Her work reads simple but there’s real power and grace to the work she demonstrates. I am a huge fan of her latest gouche and ink grids — especially after I tried my hand at some art during the ICAD challenge and found how she makes difficult work look effortless.

@BeingRobBauer (Rob Bauer)

Rob appeared at the 2019 Summit Art Festival — the last event held for art on the downtown streets. I didn’t buy a piece at the time, but I am still pondering it. His landscapes take the idea landscapes and turn them upside down, stripping them down to an almost Cubist simplicity. The colors, shapes and the spaces — and their relationships — become the highlight of these works.

@hp.heatherpierce (Heather Pierce)

My friend Heather has been tooling around with her artistic skills for years. Her latest project is a slamdunk IMHO. She’s taken up surface pattern design using high tech drawing tools. The results have been a blast to watch spin up on IG. Imagining them in fabric and in the hands of designers is making me drool.

@Brandeewine (Brandee Batzell)

My friend Brandee started drawing a few years ago by doodling at work on a Post-it note. You can see the original drawing on her feed if you feel ambitious enough to scroll back. Ever since she has been working to better her work, taking classes and doing art challenges. Watching her improve has been a true a testament to human will, determination, and the ability to learn!

@art_simplicated (Alicia Cobb)

Alicia Cobb is a Connecticut based painter who is most well known for her work in body painting. She often uses her brother Brian Cobb as a model. Both the process and the outcome are visceral, emotional and beautiful. Her IG includes videos of events.

These are just a few of my favorite artists on Instagram. Who are yours?

Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth writes literary non-fiction, haiku, cultural rants, and Demand Poetry in order to forward the cause of beautiful writing. She calls London, Kansas City, and Iowa home.