Hey Gals! Let’s Celebrate Our One Measly Day!

Happy International Women’s Day, Bitches!

What are we celebrating this International Women’s Day?

First, let’s check in with the boys…

Raise your hand, fellas, if you — like Gov. Andrew Cuomo — should resign for sexual harassment.

Anyone? Bueller?

what are we celebrating on international womens day March 8

Interesting, considering at least one-third of women have experienced sexual harassment at work.

And 81 percent of women have been harassed sexually — in general. Fun times!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Plunked down the 8th day of Women’s History Month, we get 24 hours to celebrate 51 percent of the population.

One whole day! That’s .27% percent of the whole year, dedicated to those who identify as women. But don’t forget! We also get 29 more days (8.3% of the year) to reflect on how hard women have had to work for centuries to only come this far.

Then, you know, it’s back to the men.

what are we celebrating on international womens day March 8

Not that I believe at this point that anyone identifying as a man is reading this. But if you are, first of all, thank you. Truly. As allies, self-directed learning is so important. Carry on.

So on this day of days, I’d like to share some terrific nuggets of information for us all to ponder, read, share, and consider.

Women still have to pay for our periods.

From the article 18 Ways Women Still Aren’t Equal to Men, in Marie Claire magazine in 2019.

The fact that women anywhere — but especially in a first world country — have to pay for basic necessities like tampons, pads, and birth control is a laughable example of baseline discrimination.

Speaking of numbers, the average woman spends (totaling days-hours- minutes) 6.25 years of her life on her period. Take a look to see how much the “pink tax” costs her.

So many Christians teach that women are lesser humans.

Basing their arguments on Scripture (ie. one book of many — this one which is considered to be handed down from God, but which was edited so many by times by men), so-called Christians teach– overtly and in many manipulative ways — that women are less than men.

The name of this website by the way is: Christian TRUTH Center. Arguing that women come from men, men come from God.

But hey, what’s pregnancy after all?

Women are literal punching bags

In a worldwide study use existing data from over 80 countries, 1 in 3, or 35%, of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner or non-partner sexual violence.

And the poorer and the browner you are, the more likely you are to beaten or raped! Yay being a woman!

Power in the workplace is still not with women

While we praise workplaces for moving women into more and more positions of power, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a positive impact for women or their workplace. Research shows that the “I’ve got your back” and “dog eat dog” ideologies at workplaces aren’t good from anyone, but set women up to fail most.

Conversely women who attempt to be more “assertive” will be held up in a more negative light than male colleagues. And a female leader who embraces a toxic masculine idea of success – where toxic masculinity has caused women to model their leadership style after “successful men” – will often be seen as a leader who is not helping women in their organization.

While their intentions for the organization might be good, their own insecurities end up turning them into a toxic leader.

Instead of using their power to help women below them, they use it to prey on those they’re intimidated by to keep them from advancing.

women bullied at work” – forbes

Can I just say — ARGH!!!

There’s is so much complexity to women in the work environment that it’s not surprising that those who identify as women are exhausted.

How exhausted?

All the way to their bone marrow, getting sick, can’t take it anymore but too tired to fight tired. And the rules are often stacked against them — such as 49 out of 50 states can fire you at will.

Women are EXHAUSTED because:

So if I have one question for you help me with in the comments, it’s this:

What is it exactly we are celebrating today?

Elizabeth Howard

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