Big Question #1: What does America Want?

Welcome! It’s the kick off to my first month-long “Big Question” Series.

During September, I’m asking writers, thinkers, poets, Buddhists — anyone, really — the big question:

“What does America Want?”

Important to Note about the origin of This Big Question:

I don’t have any personal agenda that I can identify off-hand.

I didn’t really have any specific answer in mind.

I actually wasn’t even looking for a particularly political response (though I expect some answers will go down that road).

I don’t mind how people answer… in song is fine and so is interpretive dance.

The Month of September and The Big Question

I have asked some fantastic bloggers I know and respect to submit guest posts. Those you’ll find them sprinkled delectably throughout the series.  (I’ll be posting their info on “The Guest Book” imminently.)

I asked them to reply however they wanted. I told them that this BIG QUESTION came to me during the riots in London in the first week of August. I also told them that I don’t prefer Sam the Eagle over the Swedish Chef.  (That is to say, they could be serious… or not. I didn’t mind.)

Additionally, I will be posting other fun things for your enjoyment. Do with them as you will.

Conversation, Please

One thing I do think America wants is a good, old-fashioned chat. I can see this desire emerging online, at coffeehouses, and in text messages. Computers are super-swell, but they can be a bit cold and lonely. America — as a nation and as individuals — wants more than just to be +1’ed. It’s proper attention we crave: real, true nitty-gritty feedback.  That’s just hot the kind we’re  getting of course. Not the kind any organism might desire: contact and interaction.

So how do we organize that into our life, when we spend so much time online? How do we invent it?

So if you come by here, I’d encourage you to make contact. How? Here’s a few ways:

1. Feel free to submit your own answer. You do that here. It can be written, or if you fancy to submit a photo or video or whatnot, let me know, drop me a line and I’ll show you where to drop it!

2. Want to comment? Please do! You do that down there. ? There’s bound to be some good response.

3. You like-a the twitter? You can follow me, this conversation and the guest bloggers over there! My handle is @smallstate and I’ll be posting on the hashtag #bigquestion

4. Ask other people and see what they think. Try it this way: “What DOES America want?” Or this: “WHAT does America want?”  Or my another good one: “What does America WANT???”

Send me their replies too!

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