Diametric Adoration

Courtesy Caia Koopman at Mocoloco.comIn the middle of my procrastination/break from grading, I visited my email and Google reader and found good stuff from two different women in my life… oh they make me SO crazy!

First, there’s HEATHER! Heather the green wonder-mama, now appearing in ANOTHER feature near you! I’ve done some freelance work for Heather, so she’s nice enough to still include me on her site CT Green Scene’s “About Us” page (you’ll have to keep on scrolling to the very bottom!) … but this isn’t about me. Heather is the me-I-wish-I-were-in-eco-terms, completely dedicated to the mission of saving the planet, focused and unswerving. Her hard work with CT Green Scene is earning her the recognition she deserves, and she is so FOCUSED! I love her and wish I could be more like her.

Then there are the plastic deer in the yarn shop. What does that have to do with saving the planet? Nothing, except that if we are going to live down here, and do well living locally, we should do it right, sister!And nobody does it better than LJC!

“LJC” or Jenny C, is another amazing woman I know who has got the home, garden, craft thing down. Jenny C, one of my hands-down favorite bloggers, is any girl’s dream-friend (I try not to be too scary in this regard in case I ever do meet her… after all, there’s that fine line between daydreaming about someday-Elizabeth-cupcakes and cyberstalking).

So tonight, after I’ve finished grading and I’ve moved on to wrapping my Christmas gifts in recycled brown paper and decorating it with stickers and bows, I’ll be thinking of both of my friends, Heather and Jenny: uber-chicks who make me want to try harder — in many ways — to make the world beautiful!

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