Steeling Myself

The good news is that I have completed a semester’s worth of teaching.

The bad news is that I must somehow complete a semester’s worth of grading, if I can, in four and half days.

That includes those grades that will, inevitably, be less than a ‘C,’ thus requiring these students I have come to know and like (well some of them) to retake the class they worked hard at (well some of them) all semester long.

But right now I am not thinking about them. I am thinking about me and my goal. I am steeling myself for the big plan– 48 portfolios in 4 and half days. Can I do it? At 45 minutes each, that leaves me grading about 8 hours per day.

Colin suggests a simple plan of grade-nap-grade-exercise-grade-sleep. I agree, although I am thinking of injecting about 10 cups of green tea and five or so frustration-removing Clementines (peel peel peel the anger away!) per day, as needed.

Any other suggestions?

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