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Dinner’s Ready!

I had a revelation whilst reading a recipe suggestion from my friend Jeannie today.

Midwestern recipes seem to always involve spraying a pan with Pam and sprinkling Durkee Fried Onions.

We’ve been revamping our eating as you might guess to make things a bit more family friendly. Suggestions for dinners have been very “bake and freeze” in style, even from the East Coast friends. But leave it up to my true, hard core she-South-Dakota, me-Iowa friend to know where the real comfort component comes in.

Durkee Fried Onion on a Tater Tot casserole. Mmmm.

But don’t worry… we’ve mixed in a canned green beans, to make it healthy!

2 thoughts on “Dinner’s Ready!

  1. Tatertots and Durkee onions will get you every time! And if you leave off the tatertots and the hamburger you have green bean casserole–what’s not to love? At least I didn’t give you a recipe using a jell-o mold.

  2. OMG, have you read “Being Dead is No Excuse” about the funerary meals served by the church ladies of the Mississippi Delta? Hilarious. And so true. Except down there it’s Ritz crackers and cream of mushroom soup for a casserole! Don’t forget Pimento cheese . . .

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