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Eat Green Food

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. The twins almost had a conniption fit (is that a word? is that how you spell it?) when we couldn’t locate a SECOND green dress in the closet today.

I am glad I didn’t mention to them yet the Irish-ish tradition of dying things green and eating them. Because of this:

Me (to twin 1): Charlotte’s Web was named Number 1 book for kids.

Twin 1: Oh! We just read that in school! It is GREAT!

Me: There were lots of books on the list we’ve read. Like ‘Green Eggs and Ham.”

Twin 2: Oh, boy! I don’t ever want to read that book again. It’s all “green eggs and ham” all day long every Dr. Seuss day. Bleh! <SIGH>.

So I think we’ll wait till next year to introduce them to the minty Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s and dyed green bagels.

Do you eat green food on St. Paddy’s day?

Shamrock Pancakes from Mommy 911


Halibut with Green Salsa from Delish.com


Green beer "recipe" from The Foodie's Kitchen
Stir-fried Kale (not dyed!) from Tasty Cheapskate


The Shamrock Shake, nestled in actual mint. By McDonald's

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2 thoughts on “Eat Green Food

  1. My vote? The halibut with green salsa.

    My dinner? Taco Bell Dorito Tacos Supreme with green hot sauce (from those little sealed packets). I would’ve preferred the halibut.

    1. Paul, we ended up having Mexican. On the way, we drove by an Irish bar– the glassy stares of the patrons standing outside was enough to make us glad about our decision! Guacamole!

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