Embracing our Inner Madonna

It’s another We Scout Wednesday! Thanks Tara!Seaweed at Silver Sands - Proof God is Creative!

Everyday my life is being reformed by the choice to be  “teacher of children,” big and small, at work and at home.

So I was glad Tara asked: What will you teach the new generation about creativity?

Every single one of us must embrace our inner-Madonna. The pop diva, now in her 50s, takes creativity by the neck and gives it a hickey! Her constant reinvention does not stop for age or critics. She does not pause at the door social questioning. She drives herself, without hesitation, to keep her artistic life free of cobwebs.

Reinvention allows us to breathe freely. It’s the open window, the next medium, another layer of paint on the canvas. With it we make our lives whole and meaningful. When we use it, correctly, we can see ourselves as contributors to a beautiful world.

Being Madonna is the way toward creative self-respect.

Curiously, a creative life does NOT mean “being an artist.” My sister, who crunches 401K numbers for a living, embraces a creative life. She lives free of the expectations of some set of worldly ghost ideals. She works from home, makes her own schedule, listens to new ideas from all political fronts, and is ready to make changes when she senses that internal shift.

Under that cool green visor, she scans her universe and fearlessly bounds into the next great thing.

Ironically, a creative life does not mean always bucking the system. Limitations help us test and expand our talents. Some of the most beautiful artwork of the Renaissance was commissioned by stodgy patrons. Some of most lyrical poetry is tied to strict poetic forms. Some of the most poignant acting performances are the most restrained.

I know, by nature, I am creative. So are most people I’ve met. In fact, it is  work to repress the creative human condition, yet we seem to do it everyday. We  like to call upon all kinds of theoretical blockades to stop us from our calling.

Yet, God and Mother Nature — whichever or both you may believe in — are inherently creative.

Those seem like good examples to follow.

Them. And Madonna.

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