Feeling Normal in Nashville

My life is decidely different than it was a year ago, 3 years ago or 7 years ago. Colin and I move around and like to keep things interesting. Our latest additions to the household have definitely redefined the meaning of “interesting.” And exhausting.

So as a sweet little surprise for my birthday, Colin called in our support group and gave me a day off with Frances, in Nashville. While I’ve been here I discovered a few things:

1. I like wide-open spaces.  Colin and I met in a typical sprawling midwestern city, very similar to Nashville. There are lovely rolling curves and banks of forest here and there. But unlike Connecticut, you never ever feel crowded. There is always an alternate route to your destination (one that isn’t two lane back roads) and space seems to allow people the room to feel comfortable enough to be friendly.

It’s the all of the worst choices urban planners could make, in terms of the environment. But man does it feel luxurious, comfy, homey.

2. Real friends are like family. You know what this is like… the sort of friend that you never have to check yourself with. They are like your favorite piece of clothing. Never goes out of style, and you always look good in them. Frances is like that with me. In her company I am immediately at ease and know I can just be myself… even if her surrounding world is sometimes (always) more coiffed than I am.

3. I love kids, near and far. Hanging with Franny’s two little ones was a blast… and made me long for the sweet voices on the other end of the phone too. All the work is worth the effort because kids are the absolute incarnation of love, generosity and goodness. What we give to them, we will always get back, tenfold. Maybe not in rest or stress-free days, but in the amazing spin of their lives, swirling around us.

Enjoying the day, looking forward to home.

Thanks Colin and Frances (and our support team!) for the lovely trip. Thanks Nashville, for the dose of homey perspective.

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