Letters from Home

Fighting Back Against Planned Obsolescence

Or, Why you MUST Attend my Electronics Recycling Event this Weekend

Or Or, Why You MUST, at least, Start Recycling Electronics SOMEWHERE

In the world of electronics, planned obsolescence rules. What makes the iPod (sorry, no iPhone! Ooops what’s that? The IPAD, I mean!) so appealing? Eternal updates, that make it better faster, more capable to do everything at once.

It’s E, then 3G, now 4G! Yeah! baby! How many Gs can your device take??

Awhile back I moaned about the fact that I could NOT update the software on my beloved Creative mp3 player. Thereby losing all of my perfect playlists and relegating the device I so loved to the “bowl”.

What’s the bowl? Well it’s a bowl. On our counter… where things with batteries and now-lost cords collect. It’s got all sorts of little things: cellphones from London, Walkmans, old cameras, remotes to VCRs, remotes to RC cars (don’t get me started). It’s the bowl of planned obsolescence, where we toss money to the God of Electronic Progress.

This weekend, my church is chipping away at the backend of that problem by hosting an electronics recycling event. You can bring your big old TVs, monitors, your own Bowl-box-bin full of bygone goodies, to be disassembled by experts who will sell the parts for recycling and reuse.

Thus disposing of –properly — the disastrously harmful chemicals that each of these precious devices is made of. God knows we don’t need any toxins leaching out into the Earth now, do we?

Well, some of your aren’t nearby, so if not, check out this website,which will find for you a local e-cycler to help you declutter your house of these needless necessities.

Who knows? Maybe when you are counting cables and stacking monitors, it might again start to chip away at you– the senselessness of the cycle of consumption we ride everyday.