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The Recurring Potato

Potatoes PlantedWe accidentally have perennial potatoes in our garden.

These potatoes are unstoppable. We “planted” these them two seasons ago, on a whim.

“Whim” = they had actually started growing from a few rotten potatoes we’d thrown out into the compost pile. Colin said “Hey, look. Potatoes are growing!” and dug ’em out and put them in the garden.

I suppose with the help of the beneficial nematodes, they survived that first season. But they have now ALSO survived the second: the “Season of Being Ignored” (last summer), when our garden became a weed patch while we kept tabs of many new beings flailing about in the yard.

And then we had the hard winter, again, and yet and again. And this month as we were prepping the soil  for this year’s season, we found enough recovered wonderful new potato plants to fill a row.

Our sage, thyme, and chives (all courtesy of Sarah Houghton as a home-warming gift) have all over-wintered as well. Third season! Do you have any idea how much thyme costs at the grocery store??

In case you don’t, you really should plant something (seed, starter, potato!) that turns into food into a patch of warm, sunny dirt. It’s very cool.

2 thoughts on “The Recurring Potato

  1. This weekend is the time for tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, hot peppers, basil, mesculun greens and radishes. That’s it for this year! No pumpkins!

  2. The potatoes are in .. I guess we need to get around to planting the rest of the garden. Next weekend?

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