Letters from Home

Finding Wonder in the Small

#Reverb10, Day 4

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (by author Jeff Davis @JeffreyDavis108)

Wonder isn’t an experience: it is a spiritual geographical location, a destination I can choose to visit, or live in. It is exactly a “sense” — just like smell or sight. I live through it, as much I want to or need to.

The answer to this prompt is the answer to why I write here: which is to say that this year I continue my love affair with SMALL THINGS.

This is, and is not, the small things, you think.

Wonder, for me, is in the smallest bits of life.

As a human, who exists on these details… riboflavins and proteins that keep our bodies healthy.

As a local, who exists in the radius of home, which is to say in my house, with my neighbors, in my town.

As a lover, giving attention to minute corners of desire in my own life and in his.

As a mother, that 24-7 convenience human existence, living largely in the banal moments– interacting with lunch boxes and school papers that maintain them and reveal their evolving identities.

As a writer, making space to uncommon metaphorical relationships— inviting the HRH QE2 to sleep on the futon for the night, to have Cheez Balls and cocoa for supper.

As a photographer, desperate for the chance to show you the melancholy loveliness I see in each of these perfect existences.

Wonder is an essential for me. It is where the ideas come from, and also the ability to follow through on them.