Fruitstock Juices Us

Innocent-sponsored-Fruitstock welcomes us all

Colin and I were lured by the people streaming through Regent’s Park. I told Frances “it looked like the Trail of Tears, with strollers and picnics.” Colin and I were heading home, from a missed attempt at the Marylebone Farmer’s Market when we stumbled on this.

Definitely no selling glass barbeques

The thing I really like about Innocent Juices product is their marketing. They are precious and funny. Their team sells their juices and smoothies (and their No Barbeque-ing signs) in a way that makes you want to curl up on the sofa in the evening and eat a pizza (vegetarian, naturally) and watch “Anchorman” with them. They’ll think it’s so hilarious, too, when Steve Carrell, says “I killed a man with a trident!”
Taking a ride on the Pimms bus
Sheesh. What is it about red double-decker buses that makes you want to lay out in a big red lounge chair and drink a refreshing cocktail with a cucumber floating in it? I didn’t locate any signs that said “Don’t drive big red bus after consuming Pimms.” Those kinds of warnings are definitely more of an American thing.

Well Hung Meat Co. sells its productMy friend, Robyn, in Kansas City, is getting started on a online candy business that she is calling “Eat Me.” I pondered whether that name might put some customers off. But, I never said anything, because really, the cheekiness of the name suits her personality. And, clearly, other businesses are getting away with it. Organically.

Run for the border, or rather, the seashore

People were cramming to eat, lined up all around at the “Gourmet Food Tents.” We had to walk by them all to get where we were going. But, alas, look. See the second to last tent? It’s a fish and chip tent. A huge queue. And this one? Nearest us? The one on the end? It’s a burrito stand, with two or three measly customers. Not even a proper queue. “Say, Alastair, old boy? What do you fancy eating here at Fruitstock?” Why, Nigel, my good man, I think I shall have a healthy plate of fish and chips!”

Well Hung Meat Co. sells its product

We nearly made it home and then I spotted this.

Well, it’s just a minivan, right? Ummm… Now after much struggle and Colin’s verbalization of my thought, I was able to say to myself: “This minivan’s name IS “eh-MEEN-uh” and not what I, naturally, thought it was, originally.

We had a great weekend. Colin said, when we walked under the “Hello everyone” banner: “This is what we’ll miss when we leave London. We were just walking through Regent’s Park and, bingo! Here’s a festival we didn’t even know about.”

It is great, and we will miss it.

But the greatest part, really, is having a husband who says, just as you are thinking it, too, “It’s not ‘enema,’ honey.”

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