Letters from Home

Futura, Facebook and My iPhone

Lately I’ve been keeping my laptop packed up in my backpack. It’s been getting Jan Brady’s worth of my attention these days.

The combination of feeling overwhelmed (over-digged, over-twittered, over-booked) and of being the proud mother of conflicting pieces of beautiful technologies has caused me to rework my communication priorities. Here they are:

1. The Future is Futura – How do I know that the manual typewriter will save my soul and make me millions? Call it instinct, or just plain stupidity. Meanwhile, the siren of clackity-clack calls to me everyday.

2. The Ultimate Face Collage – I may not have any friends in my weird suburban wasteland, but I can cut and paste quips, clips and wit with the friends I already have — everywhere they are — on my beloved online all the time great-minds scrapbook, Facebook. I adore it, especially the new updates. Email is SO last year.

3. Call me, duh. – I’d love to chat on the iPhone, when I’m not listening to Jonatha Brooke, or BBC4 comedy hour, or the playlist the Genius created for me… or Pandora radio. If I’m not updating my Facebook status, or reading yours, or emailing my students, watching Catplaying BlackJack Lite, snapping photos of my cat, reading the NYTimes OpEds and managing my appointments with the zen-swipe of a finger. A text? Blah. I can’t be bothered.