A Glutton for Facebook-ishment

In the latest round of Facebook madness, I am starting to come to terms with my own problem with these waves of social networking sites. I’m investing quite a bit of time there and I am wondering if that time might be better invested typing on the Royal Futura and riding my bike.

Background: I am a member of quite a few social networking sites– Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, and about a dozen others like Classmates.com don’t really do it for me. I am trying to determine the reasons if and why they make my life better.

Research is the answer, right? So I popped over the “Social Signal” blog to find out “how to bring value to my online outreach.”  I mean, that post is written by a Harvard PhD. so she must know more than me.

So, thanks Dr. Samuel for the points to ponder here. I’m going to see if and how they apply to my own experience with Facebook.

Size matters? – “It huge and it’s growing” says Dr. Samuel. Well that argument DID convince me more than a few times in the bedroom to get over my headache, but I am not sure that is the best rhetorical device for argument. After all, David only needed one stone to take down Goliath. Vote: Nay

Where the Boys and Girls are – “Your friends are already there” is Dr. Samuel’s second reasoning. Yeah, I do like this reason. BUT there are two flaws to this argument. One, if I constantly chat with Bonnie on Facebook, I might never get invited over to swim in her pool (after all, she only lives around the corner!) Second, friends of here and now are colliding with then and past, and it’s getting to be high maintenance! I don’t have time to cook dinner anymore.

The Boss Wears Fuzzy Slippers – “It mixes business with pleasure.” Dr. Samuel says how great it is to discover your colleagues personal passions. I think we only need to see a couple episodes of ‘The Office‘ to know THIS isn’t the reason we joined Facebook.

The Mall of the Universe – Re: Dr. Samuel’s “one-stop shopping” –  When you are done tending your Green Patch and updating your Social Living profile book you’ve read and the ones you want to read, you can add a blog post, answer the “Name Game”, take down you Name Game Post because it is stealing your identity, update your status, and be sure to upload your latest photos from the weekend’s beach blanket bingo theme party.

OH! That’s right… you don’t have any photos of any party. Because you spent the whole weekend on Facebook. And the only friends you have are on Facebook.

Peering on In – I agree it is a “window on my world”. Especially since you can never see the whole house from any one window. All the good things happen upstairs! Does Facebook have a ladder?

“It’s Pretty” – Dr. Samuel says. It is! I love the design, which is made to keep you continually poking around, no pun intended. Which, I fear, is also why I am starting to hate the design. And here, now there… ARGH! Where did January go?

Get Involved! – Dr. Samuel says it can “Help you connect with your community”… Yes, I have been hoping all the hard work I have been putting in on my Lil Green Patch will someday magically manifest as a Community Garden in the ‘hood of Stratford.

I think the honeymoon is ending. Thanks Dr. S for your help!

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