Kelly Ripa – Super Cupcake Momma!

Let’s face it… Neither you nor I can think of a single thing we don’t like about Kelly Ripa. I mean, come ON! Witty, freakin’ adorable, snazzy dresser (but not too showy!)– she is the ultimate Gracie Allen to Regis’s 958 year-old George Burns.

That’s One Cupcake with a Cause!

When I started seeing uber-Kelly in the Eletrolux commercials, I got a little concerned. I mean, I KNOW Kelly does not cook all those sensational meals for herself, friends and her kids.

Listen, we are NO fools: She’s a ga-jillionaire who gets up at 4 a.m. for work everyday. If YOU were a ga-jillionaire who got up for work at 4 a.m. everyday, and YOU had a party, wouldn’t YOU hire staff and have them cook and plan everything while you napped until the last possible second??? Let’s be sensible about this.

Still, I love Kelly. And this Valentine’s month, she’s captured my heart even more as Electrolux’s spokes-lovely with the Kelly-Confidential website, a VIRTUAL BAKE SALE (its free!) to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It’s is simple… you spend about five minutes on the site, registering, making and sending a virtual cupcake, and VOILA! As fast as Kelly’s invisible culinary staff can whip up a gourmet meal, you will have helped to donate a dollar to the Ovarian Research Fund, via Electrolux.

A Note on OC (not THAT OC!)

AND… in case your wondering, according to the National Cancer Institute, “ovarian cancer is responsible for the highest mortality rates of all gynecologic cancers.” One in 67 women in America will be diagnosed with it, often too late because the symptoms are hard to spot. One recent fatality included one of my best friend’s Mom.  SO please click on over to the site and make a cupcake! Without science and research, we’d be where we were 100 years ago– baking cupcakes over an open fire and banging our Victoria Secret push up bras on the rocks in the river.

And yes, for the cynics among you, I know this promotion could be construed as just another little way for Electrolux to get traffic to their site and get your eyeballs on their products. After all, they could just make a hefty donation. Still I think its a win-spin-win: a excellent chance to raise awareness for Ovarian cancer research; and chance to check out the company’s eco-friendly, energy-efficient machines (when you are ready to replace your energy-water guzzlers, these ain’t half bad!); and spend more quality time with our girl Kelly!

Btw… Thanks to for promoting this good cause. Keep on bringing these good and useful blog tours!

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