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How You Know I’m HOT!

Or, Being Married to an I.T. Guy is the New Black

I went to a marvelous dinner last evening to celebrate the greatness of a few brilliant people, my husband included. Here’s one major conclusion I came to:

I.T. guys are the new IT men. Metrosexuals are OUT. Nerd is IN.

I am not just saying this because I am married to one: I am starting to see a consistent glimmer of goodness in geekdom.

Here’s five great reasons to find Geeks HOT:
1. Brains! I love brains! You never know WHAT will come out of them!
2. While we girls are spinning around in our “holistic” worlds, these guys are the ultimate in linear. Uber-sleek, they can finish any task. Once they start it.
3. Goofy laughs are totally contagious!
4. “Interesting” stays sexier longer than flashy-in-the-pan handsome.
5. IT-man romance — although occasionally robotic — is never insincere!

The proof to my theory was in the fantastic women with the men last night– lovely, brilliant, witty, and absolutely the best of the best. Not only are IT guys smart, they are apparently discriminating too.

8 thoughts on “How You Know I’m HOT!

  1. Well, I didn’t marry an IT guy…but he’s still a nerd…does that count? What exactly defines Nerd anyway? None of the nerds I know fit the old description of horn-rimmed glasses, greasy hair and pocket protectors – most of the IT guys I know are pretty cute…

  2. I have mad nerd love! My husband and one and a half of my boys are geeky nerds. But nerd love means dealing with nerds. When you say they are hot, they’ll give you their actual temperature, in Celsius and Fahrenheit and explain how the sensation of heat is actually the pheromone receptors… you get it. They rule, but it does take a certain type of woman to appreciate that. Maybe a nerdy kind of woman…hmmm. (Colin- I love your zombie comment!)

  3. We were at dinner with Mike and Tessa tonight and Tessa and I were talking about how much we love our geeks! So true, they are the IT men!

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