Host Hugh Jackman Wins Me Over

Courtesy…And Other Highlights of Oscars 2009

The reviews of those “dastardly-long” and “always self-serving” Academy Awards shows are here, and as usual the preeminently cranky Alessandra Stanley from the New York Times managed to pass on the her “kind of fun” review.

Sigh… I continue to wonder why someone with no joie de vivre is allowed to be the TV critic? I mean, if you don’t have a sense of humor, how in the HECKFIRE are you going to review Redneck Weddings?

But I digress… The one point that Stanley and I did agree on was the success of Hugh Jackman as frontman for the evening. I always thought his sideburns on X-Men were a little overdone and as a result, I’ve never gotten to like him much. But man can that guy humiliate himself with song and dance, in the name of good fun– and THAT is something I can relate to! Kudos to Anne Hathaway for helping out!

Other Moments Good and Ugly

LOVED – Ben Stiller, again. In 2006, I loved him in a green suit... this year it was the perfect take on Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman that did me in.

HATED – The Twilight zombies, whoever the hell they are. I mean, I know that book is famous, and they are now big stars as a result. But SORRY… there should be a Personality Meter when you get up on that stage… you know sort of like when you are at the carnival and test your strength with the big hammer.

LOVED – Kate Winslet, who is the most radiant and talented performers I know and would have more awards if there weren’t so much really great competition.

LOVED – Steve and Tina – especially the improv moment when Steve implores Tina not to fall in love with him.

Ehhh – the Song and Dance number honoring musicals. Beyonce was great, but sometimes I wonder if producers are just looking for a reason to ask her to perform. Queen Latifah is Hollywood… Beyonce is still Grammy-land. Also, again on the Personality Meter with the HSM kids.

LOVED – A.R. Rahman winning Best Score, followed by the adorable A.R. Rahman singing “O Saya”…  Maybe it was the succinct and sweet acceptance speech, or maybe it’s the long black coat, but HELLO new crush!

Ehhh – The old winners saluting the nominees. I liked remembering the great winners of the past, but I think hauling their old asses out on stage slowed the production down, especially the first award.

LOVED – Seth Rogan and James Franco, sorta stoned and watching James Franco and Harvey Milk make out. Tee hee…

HATED – that even though Meryl Streep is the most nominated PERSON of all Academy Award history (with 15), the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories are still treated as secondary categories, with more interest in the dresses, their catfights (Angelina vs. Jen continues??!!), and how well they are aging, than whether they are great performers.

LOVED MOST OF ALL – the fabulous attendees at the best Oscar party around!

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