I never really liked fight club

For some reason, people went bananas over Fight Club. I never thought It was all that great. I am open to influence and convincing of course but to me it was exactly what a good film shouldn’t be– a great idea, tied up in a perfect 107 minute bow.

The Sixth Sense and other films of that style fall into the same category … They are too close-ended. Maybe the fulmmakers took the saying “that’s a wrap!” too seriously because these films are too satisfyingly complete to let you feel satisfied I’m the end.

Good stories anywhere should leave you realit wondering.. And even a Tracy/Hepburn film manages that, with it’s so-called love story between the older man and the fiery woman– undoubtedly this isn’t the end if that story.

So the buddha head in my mailbox today is much more interesting to me than Fight Club itself. I like a good question mark dangling un the air and all the bizarre reasons for how it got there.

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