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One Eye Twitch away From Madness

My eye has decided to start twitching. It isn’t much .. just a little thing that I hardly should notice– except it us driving me up a duxkog wall.

It is the sleep deprivation version of Chinese water torture..: nothing much to complain about but just enough to take me slowly over the edge.

There is Nothing worse than a tiny malady that you caN do nothing about to correct. In college, I broke my middle toe on gymnastics class. The doctor couldn’t do anything to fix it except to give me crutches and tell me to stay off it. Yeah right . Meanwhile I was supposed to walk all over the ISU campus to class how? Same thing with my minor knee injury skiing when I was working in news in KC. I had a second floor walkup and my job had me up and down steps constantly. I had to just hobble along and deal with it–slowly.

I am not patient. I don’t want to “deal with it”. I want it gone and to be fine. Now.

Eye still twitching. Awesome.

4 thoughts on “One Eye Twitch away From Madness

  1. I’ve read before that a lack of potassium can do that to the muscles. Have a banana!

  2. OK here’s the deal. I can’t tell you where I got it but the cure is simple. Get a group of friends(at least 5, mixed gender. Dig a hole in the dirt(not sand)and put one foot up to your ankle and bury it. Then sing a single verse(all together) of “rubber tree plant”. The eye twitch will stop when you take your foot out of the hole. This has never failed to work so please let me know how you do.

  3. Try a warm-to-hot compress. Twitching could be stress or overuse (or not enough beer).
    Compress on your eye, not in your beer…

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