Love for Homemade Deodorant (and Why oh Why, Kathie Lee?)

I am a convert to homemade deodorant!

Back in June my friend Alma Schneider (that’s her–> isn’t she adorable?) whipped up this little tub of her recipe for me. She said: “Just try it! I SWEAR it works!”

Eh. I wasn’t convinced.

However, I ate ACTUAL raw red onions in her curried lentil salad (and LOVED every helping!), so I felt good about trusting her on this.

Well, ladies (and gents) after one summer in personal market research, I can tell you: Alma’s  homemade deodorant recipe WORKS!

I run around after the dog and the kids and in the sun in the garden, and I don’t “perspire” — I sweat! And I still don’t stink or pit out when wearing this stuff!

Alma, your Lemongrass Lady is awesome (and SMELLS TERRIFIC!). Thanks for convincing me to try it!

I’d recommend anyone whip up a batch. It is EASY!

Oh and that Other Thing

By the way, Alma is busy lately… last week she was featured with Hoda and Kathie Lee on the the last hour of the Today Show! Alma was great, but I have to speak the truth:

KATHIE LEE  please stop the madness!

If you missed the segment, too bad you missed Alma, but it was a bit messy, what with a certain notorious “professional” television host so distracted by a refrigerator door on the studio set that she spent the entire (non-comedy) segment interrupting Alma, mugging for the camera, and sticking her hindquarters in the fridge.

Ergh. DIS-like.

Oh well… Of course nothing keeps a REALLY good woman down, and Alma just smiled gorgeously, ignored her, and went on with her bad self, cooking circles around Kathie Lee.

However and in case it hasn’t been said (I used to work behind the scenes in morning news, so I can relate) I would like to say:

THANK YOU to the producers, directors, associate producers, floor directors, camera people, makeup and lighting folks, the grips, interns, admins, and all the other production crew who work their fool heads off (at ungodly hours) to put together even just ONE segment of “The Today Show” (every SINGLE day!)

“There will be a time when loud-mouthed, incompetent people seem to be getting the best of you. When that happens, you only have to be patient and wait for them to self destruct. It never fails.” — Richard Rybolt


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