Making Snickerdoodles

We volunteered to make snacks for our friend’s free concert and I enlisted the very enthusiastic help of three eager assistants.

I love to bake– pretty much in inverse proportion to how much I do not like cooking. I think it has something to do with the outcome. I see food on the table as necessary but not at all interesting– unless it is served to me in a restaurant with a nice cool glass of water by a fancy waiter in a crisp apron. Baked goods, however, are chewy-crisp sweet childhood, the anticipation of dessert we held while we gnawed our way through a dust-dry meatloaf.

Today it was Snickerdoodles… a simple sugar cookie that, like pumpkin pie, is deceptively wonderful. You look at its beige exterior and you think “So?” but the spicy cinnamon coating, and the soft, chewy center make it the perfect treat. And if you overcook them a bit, they are just as good slightly brown and crunchy as they are pale and soft.

We misplaced the family recipe somewhere in the kitchen, so I used this one from All Recipes and I liked it alot, most especially because it called for both butter and shortening, a combination I generally approve of in baked goods.

Meanwhile, if you have any helpers about the house, this is a great recipe to try because they can help roll the doughballs in the cinammon-sugar mixture– and further enjoy the sweet antincipation of waiting waiting waiting for the lovely cookies to cool!

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