More Stuff Than I Could Ever Need

I told Colin last night that if I ever, actually, cracked, the cause would be: STUFF.

People — namely me and the those concerned with me — spend a ridiculous amount of time fussing over THINGS. I’ll define the limitations of what I am referring to herewith:

Stuff: Anything not attached to your naked body, or to the naked bodies of those you love and care for.

A list of stuff that is particularly bothersome to me right now would include (but is not limited to):

  • socks
  • hair ties
  • papers from school
  • tweets
  • “devices”
  • electrical cords
  • swimsuits
  • snack food
  • church buildings
  • car seats
  • pull-ups
  • facial cleansers
  • winter clothes
  • black sweaters
  • cat claws
  • car rental agencies
  • Boston
  • PPTs
  • Mother’s Day and our Anniversary on the same day
  • ticks
  • plastic everything
  • princess accoutrements
  • Power Point
  • medical forms
  • “Cars” Accoutrements
  • light bulbs (incandescent and CFL!)
  • candy
  • pop-up camper
  • donation forms (online and paper)

The other day, as I was TRYING to write an email explanation to my co-walkers for the CROP Hunger Walk how they could set up their online donation page when I realized something.

All this hassle surrounding trying to RAISE money for the less fortunate — including receipts, matching gifts, packing a backpack for the walk, registration forms, carpools, thank you notes, canned food to be brought on the day of the walk, and on and on — made me wish, for a moment, that I was a hungry third-world farmer who didn’t have to check my voicemail/email/text messages/Facebook/donation page every 30 seconds for the next fruitless, meaningless, useless waste of my time.

And I was the one ASKING people for money.


What the hell are we doing, drowning ourselves in such material misery?

It’s all such work, just clearing an empty spot off on the counter! Then a moment later, it’s covered again by a pile of “art projects” that was fun at the time, but now what do we do with all these paintings?



I have no answer, only more organizing to do. Guess I better go out and buy more “Snapware” to put it all in.


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