On Being Underscheduled

Ahhh. Today was one of those most perfect days.

I was so happy because my zen-wonderful brother-in-law/sister-in-law and their kids were visiting. They have such a nice way of arriving with their own unplanned, unhurried, not-worried manner. They are — or seem to be — just quite happy to hang out at our house and chill.

I mean, we do try to ensure their kids don’t get to over-stimulated by the small ones around here — but I find when this isthmus of my family visits, I have no active desire to plan anything too much in advance.

Yeah, we do end up doing things. Like once we all went to the beach. Another time, the big kids went to NYC for a day. Another time it was a big dinner out. But the majority of the time is just hang out, wander the house, do what you feel like doing, but don’t feel in any rush to get any of it done right at the moment.

I love this feeling. Mostly I attribute this zen-flow to my earth-mother-goddess sister-in-law Karen, who shimmies her way through life without even seeming to unsettle her core.

Or maybe it’s my brother-in-law, who travels through life at a slightly more revved up speed than Colin, but does so at a long-distance pace. He and Colin share that wonderful sort of vision of  life — swallowing the day in corn cob increments while being completely able to assess the impact of multiple linear factors on the final outcome.

All this is my way of saying — Ahhhh. What a great day. Less of plans and routine, more of family, and breathing and warm rain showers… makes my poet heart happy.

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