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The Company We Keep

Last week I received THREE emails in one day from friends and writers I had wanted to post here as guests.

The first I put up yesterday: a raw, painful post called¬†“Airline Food” by Zen Buddhist priest and author Karen Maezen Miller. Read it, if you dare.

Tomorrow you will have access to the exclusive “3 Questions for Scoutie Girl,” an interview with creative business innovator and co-founder of the The Creative Empire, Tara Gentile. Tara is a mighy entrepreneur, melding handicraft and social networking into a beautiful pedigree of action and usefulness.

I’m very interested in the guts of these women. Don’t tell them, but I’d like to crawl up inside of them and pitch a tent for awhile. I am pretty sure I’d get arrested for that, so I’ve decided just to ask them to talk for and with me.

Also, I think I’ve been feeling a bit noisy; I’d like to sit by the fire and listen.

When I listen, I hear the small beep of the watch in my jewelry box.

When I listen, I hear dishes moving on the table downstairs.

When I listen, I hear children’s voices screaming in rushing laughter as the grey darkens into snowy twilight.

When I listen, I hear the recessive echo of wait in my own ears, a reminder to slow down and not push things.

When I listen, I find creation hovering in the smiles of friends and the encouragement of strangers.

When I listen, I remember I am not broken. I am whole.

Oh and Number three?

The third email I received was from Jill Murphy, author and Facebook researcher.

Look for part one of my interview with Jill Murphy, blog author for “My Close Strangers.” ¬†She’ll be talking with me about some of the reasons she has discovered for why we find ourselves drowning in love with Facebook.

BTW, her interview is SO good, I had to make it two parts…

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