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The Most Perfect Handbag in the World

Or, What to Buy A Woman, Any Woman and She’ll Like it, I SwearChangehandbags.com, the best gift for women

If you are madly last-minute shopping for ANY woman in your life, just save yourself the hassle and buy this bag from Changehandbags.com.

At 50 bucks (now don’t wince… you’re up against it, brother) it’s pricier than a pair of earrings from Target, but here’s where you’ll capture her heart with this one:

1. Thoughtful. Sure you could buy her any old purse, but this says: Baby, I know you work hard and I want to make your life easier, in style.

2. The Rage. No, not anger… Eco everything is SO in style right now… If she hasn’t got an organic canvas or hemp bag for her trip to the farmer’s market and grocery yet, this will fit the bill. If she has one already, she can use another one and it probably won’t hurt the environment as much as the drive to market did!

3. Pockets. This one has OUTSIDE pockets, so there’s actually a place for cellphone, keys, lipstick, wallet, etc. I mean, I love my Trader Joe’s bag, but I can’t stand having to root around for my cash in the bottom of it.

4. Cute. Yes guys… this is a cute bag… ’nuff said there.

5. Charity. 10 percent of the sale goes to charity, so you can write it off, in part. Or just bask in the mini-warm glow of your goodness.

And most importantly…

6. Handbag. Call it a pocketbook, purse, satchel or whatever, this is the sort of shoulder accessory that chicks can rarely resist. Trust me, if there’s a place for her to hide her tampons AND the fresh organic arugula she grabbed at the market, it can’t be anything but a winner.

3 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Handbag in the World

  1. Hey, Elizabeth.

    Thanks for the recommendation. This is a great gift idea! Oh, and I love your site, by the way. Where do you get your photo artwork (aside from when you are shamelessly plugging eco-products, that is 🙂 )

  2. Don’t be getting down on Mr.KnowItAll!!

    Oddly he was the ONLY sane BOSS in this government fruitcake organization.

    He would yell to us every night before going home.


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