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My List of Things I Want (For America)

Guest Post by Amanda Quraishi

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As an Official American Citizen, here’s what I want:

1.      I’d want to see the respect employed among opposing parties in our national political discourse.

2.      I want American Tax Dollars invested back into AMERICA so that We The People, and our children can benefit from a strong, modern infrastructure.

3.      I want to see more people volunteering in their local communities.

4.      I want to be able to give my children whatever resources they need to compete locally, nationally, and globally.

5.      I want to know that the people we elect to public office are listening to The People they represent.  Not just the highest bidders.

6.      I want to believe that We are still a Great Nation.

7.      I want to know that Hard Work still means something in America, and that there are still some places that being born into privilege can’t get you.

8.      I want to be The Destination for the best and brightest people around the world to come, live, and make a life here.

9.      I want to see a revival of small businesses, community-based farming, and home-based industries.

10.     I want to be a part of the process—social, political, and spiritual–of making America better than ever.

AMANDA QURAISHI is a writer, blogger, interfaith activist and technology professional living in Austin, Texas.  She currently works full time as the Web & Database Administrator for Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that addresses the issue of homelessness in the U.S.

Amanda’s thoughts are part of the BIG QUESTION Series for September: “What does America Want?”

Do you have an answer to the BIG QUESTION?

3 thoughts on “My List of Things I Want (For America)

  1. As a non-American citizen, here is what I want for America.
    1. I want to see respect for non-American nations.
    2. I want to see America drop the debt on underdeveloped countries.
    3. I want to see more Americans applying for passports and visiting other countries or, better still, working in countries that are underdeveloped, as the Peace Corps do.
    4. I want you to give your children the resources to COOPERATE locally, nationally and globally.
    5. I want Americans to know that the political system is corrupt and, as it stands, no one can adequately represent you but you.
    6. I want you to drop the patriotic bullshit and understand that you are only as good as the planet you live on and that you are a part of human species throughout the planet and you have a duty to yourselves and others to stop fucking everything up with your selfish and competitive attitude.
    7. Rather than having you all slaving away with a Protestant work ethic, I would rather you all achieved success defined as not knowing whether what you are doing is work or play.
    8. I want America to stop seeing itself as the centre of the universe and understand that there are other places that are just as nice to live in, as long as America leaves them alone!
    9. I also want to see a revival of small businesses, community-based farming, and home-based industries, just like you, and that means dropping the debt and leaving other countries alone!
    10.I want you to shut up and listen.

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