My List of Things I Want (For America)

Guest Post by Amanda Quraishi

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As an Official American Citizen, here’s what I want:

1.      I’d want to see the respect employed among opposing parties in our national political discourse.

2.      I want American Tax Dollars invested back into AMERICA so that We The People, and our children can benefit from a strong, modern infrastructure.

3.      I want to see more people volunteering in their local communities.

4.      I want to be able to give my children whatever resources they need to compete locally, nationally, and globally.

5.      I want to know that the people we elect to public office are listening to The People they represent.  Not just the highest bidders.

6.      I want to believe that We are still a Great Nation.

7.      I want to know that Hard Work still means something in America, and that there are still some places that being born into privilege can’t get you.

8.      I want to be The Destination for the best and brightest people around the world to come, live, and make a life here.

9.      I want to see a revival of small businesses, community-based farming, and home-based industries.

10.     I want to be a part of the process—social, political, and spiritual–of making America better than ever.

AMANDA QURAISHI is a writer, blogger, interfaith activist and technology professional living in Austin, Texas.  She currently works full time as the Web & Database Administrator for Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that addresses the issue of homelessness in the U.S.

Amanda’s thoughts are part of the BIG QUESTION Series for September: “What does America Want?”

Do you have an answer to the BIG QUESTION?

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