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To Ask for Help, or Go It Alone

Here’s my quandry and I’d love some feedback

I feel like I work better with a partner: the home business thing is not only intimidating, it is like a labyrinth of learning.

I write— that’s my main gig. But I know I can develop a business that would provide fantastic creative products that allow people to see writing in a different way.

However, so many of the nuts and bolts of establishing a business elude me.

At my core, I feel like I need a partner, but I wonder: is that an excuse to avoid learning the labyrinth? Is that an excuse to NOT do the hard work? Is that just poor self-esteem in a sheep’s clothing?

I know I CAN get a lot of work done, but what have been the hardcore results? When I start to tally them up, that is where I start to think: well, I do have some mad skills, but not the kind that Scrooge McDuck has.
Is this the Ghost of Failures past? Or should I start shopping around for the yin to my yang?

3 thoughts on “To Ask for Help, or Go It Alone

  1. This is great advice. I have an idea for a fantastic project for the summer but I am not sure how to proceed. I think I’ll start with a cup of coffee and a few good brains. Thanks Tara and Charlotte!

  2. I would say a big yes to the strategic team Tara suggested. This way you can focus on the fun stuff en let the team fill in the blanks where you lack skills or simply don’t want to spend time doing certain things.

    Sometimes it means taking a calculated risk when you are hiring someone to do your dirty work and sometimes it means looking through your address book to see if there is somebody that could give you (regular) advice over a cup off coffee.

    My team is gradually growing last year it meant hiring an intern for the first time, this year it meant hiring somebody to do PR, somebody to do my taxes, somebody to help write a business plan and somebody to do my website..
    The team can help you push forward, give feedback and a it makes working ‘alone’ a lot more fun.

  3. Hey Elizabeth!

    Maybe a partner isn’t what you need – maybe a strategic team is. Could you benefit from people who are good at your specific business needs filling in the blanks and providing expert insight?

    A partner may or may not fulfill that for you. But you can hire an expert who can. And just because they’re an expert doesn’t mean it has to be expensive – maybe a marketer here or a virtual assistant there.

    Perhaps what you really need is people who can pick up the details so you can focus on the bigger picture.

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