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What I Learned from … Love(ish-ness)

My pal Robert at Middle Zone Musings has got me pondering my own view of Love.

I don’t really think I can make a good assessment just off the cuff, so I’ve decided to revisit my own archives, to see what I think, and present my findings in easy-to-read, oh-so-romantic, bullet points.

What I Learned from Love-ish-ness

6 thoughts on “What I Learned from … Love(ish-ness)

  1. Thank goodness my love for snack food doesn’t make me a bad wife. In fact, the mood lift it gives me, I think, makes me a better wife!

  2. Just read through some of your posts, launching from this one. Loved, “Women have to endure the joy/pain of childbirth, the separation of children leaving or dying, the love of her family, her husband, all deeply and fully.”

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