Planning Oscar

Well, it is that time of year again. The Nominations are out and I have, as of this moment, 23 days to get two big things done.

1. Come up with a quirky theme/invite for the annual Oscar party.

2.  See about 9,000 films in an effort to, this year, FINALLY, win my own ballot contest.

I have a few ideas for a theme that I am tossing around but I haven’t settled on anything I am in love with yet.

Nothing as inspired as last year’s “There Will Be Old Men,” a hilariously witty theme that lent itself to all sorts of great food options (such as pre-chewed meat, jello shots, and Old Fashioneds). But sadly it was mostly lost on my wonderful but somewhat ignorant new crop of friends who weren’t so hip to the importance of theme in any excellent Oscar Night.

This year I am SURE will be different, however! Colin and I have been actively “recruiting” quality fun people in our lives, and I have been secretly measuring them based on their ability to vivaciously participate in theme party festivities. The rubric is complex but suffice to say it involves a metric measuring tape, a hat with plume, and cue cards written in pig-Latin.

But seriously folks. I am not sure how I am going to come up with a good theme that combines the gravitas of Frost/Nixon, the, well, political gayness of Milk, the backwardly hotness of Benjamin Button, the Nazi-ness of The Reader and the Bollywood-gameshow-dramaness of Slumdog Millionaire, but I am sure I will think of something.

I will say that there is nothing as glorious as Oscar night with a 52 inch TV. Thanks Colin!

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