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In which the smallest particles bring meaning to the universe.

The End of Summer

August retreats. It hands us back the year. Summer isn’t truth, but it is (as Harris Telemacher recites) “What we wish were true.” So many of us Shove out this Season of perspiration, lazily Forgetting how it Slows us Beguiles us Presses us to hold still Find the windy spaces With a friend In the…

What does America Want?

Watching Britain riot — in the face of our own economic meltdown — has got me thinking about a core question: What do Americans want? What do we really desire? What is this nation pining for? Our land of plenty is in an interesting place of less right now… both economically and maybe even spiritually. So……

The Danger of Being Quiet

Here’s what keeps happening… I keep getting self-conscious and don’t want to say anything so I stay quiet. Then something like a week passes and I think: what happened to that time? Oh my goodness, if I am just quiet, if I don’t say anything, what meaning does it all have?! How can I remember…


Men don’t leave. Skin flakes gather On sheets Cologne draped from Unaired corners. Men don’t leave. You May Also Like:A Small Stone LateA Poem to Those Who Love MeEarth Day Haiku (by Tati)Mizzle, Again, Without YouLove is a Fingerprint

Anger Comes

Anger comes Nettle Under sock cuff. Minutes and hours Chopped in Food processor like Helpless almonds. Until I find My way cool again. You May Also Like:ResidueFine Tooth CombThe WallI Brought a LoofaBack of My Hand

On a Hot Day

hose crawls through the holly bush coughing hot leftovers into a blue backyard lagoon Day 19, July, A River of Stones You May Also Like:The WallEnd of Day – Day 3 – Poetry MonthThis is homeCargo Pants, Packing Lists, and the Pothole of DespairThe First Recipe

Fine Tooth Comb

Blue plastic comb Rosemary Spray Bother the louse And its tedium. Glass-half full? Long sessions Together on a Sun-warmed stoop Hand in her hair. Day 17, A River of Stones You May Also Like:ResidueAnger ComesThe WallI Brought a LoofaBack of My Hand

Google+, and Other Anchors

Google+ is now a part of my life. I am mostly thrilled to add it to my collection of ways to communicate with people I know and don’t know online. These also include: Twitter LinkedIn Picasa Flickr WordPress Blogger Facebook Gmail Digg And many others. Just as I pondered when I started dabbling in Twitter,…

Passing Through

Glassy days– Across the fields Crows can’t be bothered. Hot summer car rides Roads lounging into Forever. Windscreen winks at Passing clouds. You May Also Like:Back of My HandIn MidairI wonder what JFK would have to sayNotes from Inside the TrainIn My California Time

Iowa Storm

Into the northwest On a thick summer Evening come Leaden skies Like a bad dream. Day 5, The River of Stones. You May Also Like:The WallBack of My HandIn MidairResidueAnger Comes

Stick To It

small squares hold together life tiny reminders in brilliant hues– one thin strip of sticky soon wears away Day 3, A River of Stones You May Also Like:Savor All Things GoldA Small Stone LateMore Stuff Than I Could Ever NeedOn Rivers of StoneAn Hour of UnShopping

What Are My Super Powers?

It’s a question I ask myself everyday, really. I wanna know what my superpowers are! Mind Melding? No thanks! Too much going on up there as it is. Invisibility? Could I deflect that power onto others at times? Levitation would be super-cool though I am not sure how useful. What does one do once you…

What Can You Do in 10 Minutes?

What can you get done in 10 Minutes? Right now, my kids are brushing teeth and puttering about in the last few minutes before school, I am stealing away (aside really… they are right behind me!) to post here. So many times we say “I don’t have time!” Yet what happens when we make a…