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What does America Want?

Watching Britain riot — in the face of our own economic meltdown — has got me thinking about a core question:

What do Americans want? What do we really desire? What is this nation pining for?

Our land of plenty is in an interesting place of less right now… both economically and maybe even spiritually.


During the month of September, “Letters from a Small State” will be exploring this topic– in photographs, in poetry, in rant– from American writers, and beyond, in whatever form arrives in my inbox and I deem worthy of conversation.

If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, drop me a line  here. I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to include a link back to your blog!



6 thoughts on “What does America Want?

  1. Do I get to tell you what I think America wants…and also what I think America needs? As I feel like I have rejected my mother to go live with grandfather, and therefor have forever tattooed the word EXPAT across my chest…which come to think of it would be tricky to do, and even more tricky to read with all this curvyness going on.

    1. Frances, label of EXPAT is tough to shake! You feel completely irrelevant at some times. It’s like wearing a big feathered hat at the swimming pool. In this case, one with red, white and blue stripes. You are lucky you have other — ahem — features to distract the crowds. (I meant the fried chicken of course!)

  2. I am incredibly excited for this initiative. I think that it’s a fantastic idea and there are a few people I’m going to recruit personally to send you answers for possible use. I’ll be doing my part to tell people about it to see if we can’t get going that discussion you’ve been looking for.
    It sounds odd to say “Thank you for thinking of this”, and it doesn’t bode well for my writerdom that I can’t mince it to something more accurate, so that’s what I’m going with. Thank you for sharing this idea, I can’t wait to see what it pulls out of people.

    1. Jennifer, I am looking forward to hearing the noise and the whispers! Send them all on to me. I can take it! And I have NO fear of your writerdom… well maybe a little bit. The good kind.

  3. What America wants is a good spanking and time in the corner to think about things. We are, as a nation, petulant and spoiled. We don’t want to. You can’t make us. Our freedoms are being enjoyed without the balance of responsibility. We need someone to be the grown-up. Someone to make us pick up our messes, apologize for hurting someone, do our homework, think before speaking. We need to share and care and not waste resources. We should all know how to behave by now. We learned it in kindergarten. When did we consciously decide that we weren’t going to be our better selves? When did it become okay to be the bully, or cheat, or be greedy? If you haven’t been living up to your best American self, full of promise and equality and justice and liberty and respect, then go stand in the corner and think about it. Don’t come out until you’re ready to shape up.

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