Letters from Home

Colours of Spring

Rhubarb… A naturally occuring pink food,
found growing underneath enormous green leaves.
Good in pies.

Why do I like this image? Note the top left…
In this market (Borough Market, South London) there is a “Turnip” aisle.

Soho pub, of course

Oddball pub in the heart of Soho. Serves Italian food but reminds me, with the oil can ads on the wall, of greasy spoon bars in the Midwest. And it is a gay patrons establishment, with Karaoke on the weekends.

In a doorway near Oxford Circus…
Bicycle messengers lounge around waiting to score a gig.
The next morning they were edged out by thousands of little girls lined up
to audition for the Sound of Music.


Me and my cow

In the Paris Metro…
I can’t understand how he can possibly look so unhappy.

Tulips in Leicester Square

You don’t think anything can look like this, or be this lovely.
But suddenly, it is everywhere.
The dampness, the coolness, the green thumbs.