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Emotional Eating Happens

Lord of the Wings Image Snyder's Buffalo Wing PretzelsThe #reverb10 prompt for today is about “soul food” which to me has always directly translated into “comfort food.”

And who can speak more about the extensive need for comfort food than Colin and I?

Colin and I are wrapping up YEAR 2 of ” Creme-Filled Uncertainty” with a big sidedish of “Deep Fried Instability.” We like to garnish our days, as I have mentioned before, with a tangy relish of Denial.

At the end of the day, however, when the house is quiet and we’ve laid down our arms on the battlefield once again with sibling rivalries and beating back Princess and Iron Man useless plastic crap, we inevitably comfort our emotional wounds like people have done for centuries.

With food.

In particular, I myself — no longer getting to go OUT for buffalo wings and now being the goddess of fruits and veggies, must be a good example myself — love to partake in a little bowl of Pennsylvania Dutch treat: Snyder’s of Hanover Buffalo Wing flavored pretzel pieces.

I tried them once, and two years later I have not looked back.

Colin has other snack-hour favorites, and when we have guests, he will even do the complicated and special process of making real buttered popcorn for them. Which is treat that we share with the rest of the family once in a while, on movie night.

But, for the two of us, the sanctity of our down time has been marked by an opportunity to go blindly into the snack cupboard, and to come out sighing in relief.

We have plans to wean ourselves from this habit over the new year and I am confident we will. For the time being, however, as we walk on our path of questionable circumstance, we aren’t giving ourselves too hard a time over a little comfort food therapy.

This post was part of #reverb10, and the prompt was Soul food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul? (Thanks to author Elise Marie Collins)

7 thoughts on “Emotional Eating Happens

  1. Here we are in the new year, and two days into my new late night snacking regimen. I am allowing myself to snack, but from Sunday to Thursday the only think allowed to pass my lips after supper is fruits and veggies. I *love* the salty snacks, so I am allowing myself the veggie sticks as a healthier alternative to potato chips.

    1. It’s tough to give up the routine but I am looking forward to adding NEW fun things in our life and so far I have been really enjoying 1) sleeping great at night after a DDR session (even if my legs kinda hurt!) and 2) realizing after I eat something fatty that I actually feel like crap as well afterward. Starting to remember that BEFORE I eat it is helping too.


  2. My title for the post is “Emotional Eating Happiness”.

    A joy for me is that my sister gave me a box of See’s chocolates for Christmas. Heather said, “You got enough chocolate to have a heart attack.”

    1. Mark, I am looking forward to it… I have already started to do it mentally.I love the pretzels tho so we will start slowly. Anyway, the key is to eventually just have nothing in the house right?

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