The Next Big Question: Eat

Hungry Jacks is Burger King - AustraliaWe had a potluck at church last evening. Leading up to the dinner, the kids asked: “What is a potluck?” and we delved into the realm of American food tradition, as well as word etymology! A fun lesson for 6 year olds!

The conversation — and the many crock pots at dinner — inspired me to ask the next BIG QUESTION, which I’ll be featuring in March:

“What is eating you?”

This is a twist on the old “you are what you eat” proverb, and a chance for guest contributors from foodies to farmers to stay-at-home parents to spill their inner angst or funny stories about how they eat-drink-train the hunger beast.

If you are interested in submitting a written piece, photo essay, or video, contact me here and I’ll be happy to put you on the calendar.

If you are curious, we took that photo of the head-turning fast food establishment in an Australian airport.

We also ate kangaroo while we were in country. Tastes like, well, you know.